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LiveteachingTV is an interactive, online learning platform that facilitates LIVE education to anyone, anywhere in the world. On LiveteachingTV, viewers will be able to actively engage and ask their teachers questions as though they were in a classroom. The LiveteachingTV platform will make education available at every level, including those who simply want to learn how to read and write.

Presently, we have great institutions offering some form of “live” teaching, but they are mostly streaming videos. The problem is, if students get stuck with a problem, they don’t have the opportunity to raise their hands in class to get an immediate answer. Until now. LiveteachingTV will bring to the Internet what has been lacking from other streaming platforms offering online studies. Students will be able to actively engage and ask their teachers questions as though they were in a classroom. They will be able to watch a teacher, for example, solve a mathematical problem they couldn’t solve themselves.

Are you a teacher with a passion for sharing your wealth of knowledge? LiveteachingTV is looking for you!! You can have your own channel to teach your favorite subject(s). At the moment we can only facilitate English-speaking teachers (Both American & British). However, the LiveteachingTV mission is to facilitate teachers from all over the world.

Send an email to if you would like to teach on this platform, or would like additional information as to how you can subscribe to a channel.

Also send us an email if you would like to translate this site into your own language and offer live teaching to your community. Email us also if you have further questions concerning live teaching, or you would just like to be notified when we go LIVE.

To get up and running, i.e. to design and build this platform for streamers and viewers, we are currently seeking equity investors. If you are, or you know somone who is, interested in investing in education and technology startups, send an email to for additional information.