About Us

LiveteachingTV is an interactive, online learning platform facilitating LIVE education for anyone, anywhere in the world. On Liveteaching.tv, viewers will be able to actively engage and ask their teachers questions as though they were in a classroom. LiveteachingTV will be like Twitch, except instead of gaming and coding, streamers will teach subjects like Mathematics and English. LiveteachingTV will level the playing field drastically, and make a difference in the world, because it will connect passionate educators with equally passionate people who want to learn but can’t afford to attend the traditional institutions.

LiveteachingTV will seem similar to MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses), but where MOOC has failed, as others have said, including Professor Robert Zemsky, LiveteachingTV will succeed, as it is more SPOC than MOOC. SPOC being Self-Paced Online Courses or Small-Private Online Courses, depending on your audience. LiveteachingTV facilitates both, as teachers will have their own channels and the ability to offer private tutoring to subscribers.

Before you can take a college course, you need to be able to read and write. LiveteachingTV will facilitate teachers who would love to teach you how to read and write. No. You would not be watching a video, unless you have already had a LIVE session. The LiveteachingTV videos won’t be pre-recorded. They will actually be recordings of the LIVE lessons. On LiveteachingTV you ARE watching a teacher-LIVE. You can even raise your hands in “class,” to ask a question and expect an answer immediately. This service, we do not have. Until now.

We also have college courses, some high school courses, but all the current platforms cater to the “rich” countries, and to the haves. We are going back to basics. We are leveling the playing field for education around the world.

Liveteaching.tv offers LIVE education at any level, to anyone, anywhere in the world, and we believe it will have a huge economic and social impact on our society on a whole.

Visit our crowdfunding campaign and join us on our journey as we revolutionize education around the world.